What You Should Eat Before a Marathon

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With so many marathons lined up such as the Yuengling Shamrock Sportsfest Marathon in Virginia Beach or the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Francisco Half Marathon, there is bound to be at least one that you might want to take part in. Unlike professional runners, we have to put more thought into how we nourish our bodies prior to any bouts of physical exertion. If you’re thinking of running a marathon or are about to run one in a week or two, here’s what you should be eating. Read more »

Where Would You Put a Bar?

We all know how fun bars are, somewhere where we can kick back and forget about the troubles that the day has brought but that is not the only thing that bars can bring us. Bars make great places to socialise, meet new people, discuss important issues and even hold meetings for clubs, societies and even local meetings for parishes and council members meeting people from their electoral area. Bars are a very important part of culture in the UK and have been for many years, but where is the best place to put a bar?

Under The stars


People like a nice pint of cider on a summer’s night and they love to continue those few drinks into the evening. Having a bar in your back garden is a great novelty especially during the summer. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work as well in the winter when the wind and rain ruin the still, enjoyable atmosphere of the long summer evenings. Having the option of having a fire as you watch the summer sun go down as you sip on your favourite cocktail is a luxury only a few can do but those that can do it really enjoy it. Having an outdoor bar is something that only a few houses have, but those houses are always the life of the party. Read more »

Funny Comic Strips on Food and Dining

Well thought of comic strips, regardless of where they are published, often brings a smile or laughter from readers. They provide some stress relief in one’s busy day.

Despite the fact that there’s little text and mostly illustration, comic books are still good reading materials. Similar to books, they can also be considered as food for the mind.

Comics about food and dining are one of the most read owing to the antics they share that people can often relate to. They can be found online on various websites, in newspapers as well as magazines circulated worldwide. Sometimes, they may be published in cookbooks or in newsletters. Online, fans can purchase their Kickstarter comics from the Forevergeek store.

Berger & Wyse

This is names after the real creators Joe Berger and Pascal Wyse. Their comic strip used to appear regularly in the weekend magazine of The Guardian. Read more »

3 Reasons Why Sweden Is Urging Citizens to Cut Carbs and Eat More Fat


Sweden has gone against the grain of 40 years’ worth of Western nutritional advice, which told us that fat was bad and we should minimize its intake as much as possible. The sleek Scandinavian nation is recommending to its citizens that they institute a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet.

While such diets (also known as ketogenic diets) have become increasingly popular among athletes in recent years, Sweden is the first country to endorse such a diet officially for its populace. It came to that conclusion after spending two years poring over more than 16,000 studies related to diet and nutrition.

The exhaustive study revealed three key elements of such diets that make them superior to traditional eating habits, and why they can actually promote weight loss in individuals, despite an increased intake of fat. Here are those reasons. Read more »

Five Food Items You’ll Need to be Physically Fit

Food wise, it doesn’t actually need to be quite complicated when one seeks to be physically fit. It does require one though to be wiser when it comes to food choices in terms of quality, quantity, and how they are served. You can achieve physical fitness with the right amount of physical activity and no-nonsense simple food choices such as these five.



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What could be simpler than an apple which can be eaten straight from its tree without any need for cooking? If there is one fruit that is so common and easy to get while being generally acceptable to human taste buds, then that would be the apple. You can always use it as a cooking ingredient or a fresh fruit drink.




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Broccoli may be one of the vegetables that most children would rather avoid. However, lightly steamed broccoli is able to provide the greatest health benefits  in facilitating protection against cancer because of a specific enzyme. Overcooking it destroys such enzyme.


Oats Heap

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Daily intake of oatmeal effectively brings down cholesterol level. It is very simple to cook and can be consumed with or without any combination of preferred fruits or nuts, and is widely acceptable to most children and adults. It is able to offer considerable health benefits because of the various vitamins and minerals that come with it.




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Oily fishes  such as salmon or sardines are good in terms of expected health benefits. Fishes that contain omega 3 are suitable to include in low fat diets. Most oily fishes also contain the highly beneficial vitamins A and D.



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Contrary to the common misconception that nuts are bad for the health, almonds are considered very healthy for regular human consumption. Being high in monounsaturated fats, it helps in reducing the risk of heart disease. It is considered a nutritionally-dense nut.

Weight Loss Benefit

All of the above do not only help in disease prevention. They are also compatible with weight loss goals related to attaining optimum physical fitness. No one will go wrong with these 5 with moderate intake of other food items that are best sourced naturally and are not of the artificially processed variety. There are other healthy food choices. The important thing is to find the ones that you will enjoy taking.

About the author

Ashley Porter is a professional blogger that shares fitness and nutrition tips. She writes for Fitness19.com, an affordable fitness center with locations nationwide.

Top Sauces for Asian Cuisine

asian cuisine sauces

Asian cuisine is popular worldwide that hotels, resorts and restaurants offer them to their guests. They’re bursting with various flavors and most are well known to be hot and spicy.

But did you know what makes any Asian food stand out from the rest? It’s the sauce that is served along with the dish. Most dry Asian food have this and it’s time you get to know what these are and what they’re made of.

Brown Sauce

The brown sauce is the most basic and common in Chinese cuisine but it is also used in other Asian food. Normally, this is made from soy sauce or oyster sauce. Other ingredients that may be added are beef broth, corn starch, ketchup, potato flour and Hoisin sauce.

Soy sauce is made from fermented soybeans and wheat. It has a mild salty flavor and can be mixed with sugar to achieve a sweeter flavor. Read more »

Choosing a Thai School that Offers the Best Culinary Courses

cooking class in thailand

Thai cuisine is well known worldwide as healthy and spicy. It’s offered in numerous restaurants in major cities around the globe and a growing number of chefs and even foodies are eager to learn the ways to cook Thai food.

But while learning Thai cooking is possible in one’s own country or online via the video tutorials, Thailand is still the best place to learn how to cook authentic Thai dishes. Depending on your destination, there are many small and major culinary schools in the country today that offer short courses. Whether you’re a visitor who simply wants to enjoy a fun cooking experience or a professional chef, you have every opportunity to fulfill your goals.

Each course normally teaches four Thai dishes. Students are taught about the most common ingredients including the vegetables, herbs and spices and the methods of cooking the local food. Read more »

7 Ways to Keep Your Diet Healthy (and Your Baby’s)


New parents are notoriously short on time, sleep, money, and pretty much everything else you need for wholesome meals. It’s essential that everyone in the family has a healthy diet so you can look and feel your best.

Convenience meals are just that, but many of them are high in sugars and calories. You don’t need a full hour of work in the kitchen to eat healthy, filling meals.

First, remember that it’s perfectly okay to use packaged and/or frozen foods; in fact, recent reports have shown that frozen veggies actually retain nutrients longer than fresh ones. They’re also very low calories. You can have an entire bag of broccoli steamers ready in the microwave in six minutes for only 75 calories (which is 3.5 servings).

Here are a few ways to eat healthy with baby. Read more »

Tips for Infusing Your Own Whiskey


Many people consider liquor both enjoyable and exciting just as it is and all by itself. But others delight in taking spirits to the next level and spicing things up a bit, which adds an even greater degree of variety when they imbibe. Read more »

5 Truly Healthy Drinks

fruits and juice

If you want to build up your health, there’s a way you can sip your way to a stronger immune system.

Here are five healthy drinks that are worth raising your glass to. Read more »

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