5 Best Energy Drinks to Get You Through Your Day

In a perfect world, you would get plenty of sleep each night and indulge in a diet rich in vitamins and nutrients. You would exercise daily, rest whenever you needed to, and never, ever get stressed out. Unfortunately, this is the real world; where you may not always eat right, you’re usually busy and never get enough sleep. What you need is energy, and the fastest way to intake enough energy to carry you through the day is with an energy drink. Included here are the five best energy drinks to get you through your day.

The longest-running, most popular energy drink in the book is coffee. Seeming to be a drink that crosses all ages, nationalities, and socioeconomic statuses, coffee is a universal energizer. Some studies have shown that coffee may have other health benefits than just a caffeine boost.

Experts are now saying that coffee is an antioxidant, diabetes-fighting, caffeinated punch in the morning. Some people who intake more than one cup of coffee daily are likely to have a lowered risk of diabetes, liver disease, and Parkinson’s. These are a lot of benefits in addition to the energy you will receive from the 95 milligrams of caffeine per eight-ounce cup. Whether you grind your own coffee or grab some from a local shop, it’s a great option for many reasons.

Nothing beats drinking freshly brewed coffee in the morning. Image Source: Pixabay

Red Bull

Touted as the “original energy drink,” Red Bull is a very popular energy drink made in Austria. A study in 2001 showed that Red Bull was able to give study participants, not just a boost in physical energy, but also a boost in mental capacity, which included concentration and memory. With roughly 80 milligrams of caffeine per eight-ounce serving, the red bull is a guaranteed jolt to the system.


You may be surprised to know that your tired and run-down feeling may have originated from dehydration. Being improperly hydrated can quickly sap your energy levels and leave you feeling blah for the remainder of the day. Before trying the quick-fix of an energy drink, gulp down a glass or two of water and see how you feel.

Black and Green Tea

Many people have begun to drink tea on a regular basis due to the incredible health benefits. Black tea has long been known as a valuable source of antioxidants while green tea may measure even higher on the health benefits list. There are some experts who believe the compounds in green tea could help fight disease and prevent cancer while potentially boosting weight loss.

Drinking tea has multiple health benefits. Image Source: Pixabay

If you are choosing tea for your energy boost, consider going green instead of black. While black is more widely available, it has fewer health benefits and caffeine content of 14-17 milligrams per cup. Green tea weighs in with many benefits and caffeine content of 24-45 milligrams per serving.

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