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Four Tips For Pairing Alcohol With Food

You have probably read a ton of articles on wine pairings, but wine isn’t the only alcoholic beverage you can enjoy with a nice meal. That being said, maybe you want to know some other pairings to enjoy this holiday season, or any time of the year.


The most important thing to remember is that you should only drink in moderation.

What Goes With Wine?

When it comes to wine, the basics are easy. You pair red wine with red meats and red sauces, and you pair white wine with white meat and white sauces. While there are some other rules that may sometimes apply, these are the simple basics.

You may pair dry wines with one thing or sweet wines with others, or you may just have a preference to one of these as opposed to the other.

Champagne Dreams

It seems like everyone pops the cork on a bottle of bubbly each New Year’s Eve, although there are other times when you might want to celebrate. But what foods are great with champagne and sparkling wines?

Try them with anything, but they seem to fit better with fancy dishes, and make a great treat to drink along with nibbling on some fresh fruit. It’s the perfect drink to pair with some candles on a romantic evening.

Have A Mixed Drink

Mixed drinks can kind of go with anything they taste good with. Much like drinking a beer with your bar food, they too work great with any foods you might find at the bar. You’ll also find that some flavors of liquor go better with certain foods, while a spice rum might not pair with everything.

Just remember, witches’ brew is perfect for Halloween, any mixed drink containing cranberry juice is ideal for Thanksgiving, and if you like it, eggnog is a Christmas tradition.

Beer And Everything Else

Beer goes with many things, and now that there are so many different flavors of beer and such an array of microbrews, there has become sort of a knack for pairings. If you’re simply a good old fashion beer lover you can pair your drink of choice with any fried food or burgers, while it may not be a good choice for dessert pairing.

If you’re wanting a beer with your dessert a fruity flavored ale will be a better choice than a stout, unless your dessert is a rich one that will blend nicely with the darker beer.

So get creative and remember everything should be done in moderation!