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Healthy Cooking For Your Apartment

Cooking in a small kitchen can be challenging. It always feels like you don’t have the counter space or the tools you need to get everything to work. If you’re trying to prepare multiple dishes at the same time, it’s even worse. There simply isn’t enough space to work in!

Still, going out to eat all the time is not cheap or healthy. It’s clear that cooking at home is the more economical and health-conscious way to eat. With a little planning and organization, you can make anything in your kitchen and have all the space you need.

Cooking at home always has its benefits! Image Source: Pixabay

Pare It Down To Essentials

We live in the age of the Slap Chop and the George Foreman grill. Cookware stores are full of gadgets and gizmos that promise to make cooking easier!

Think about what you really need. Do you need five different pots, or do you always find yourself using about two of them? Do you need a garlic press when you have a knife?

Paring your kitchen down to the bare essentials frees up space for you, but it does more than that. It also allows you to think creatively about the materials you have. You will realize that cooking is simple and you can use a few simple items to make a whole range of complex dishes.

Save Space By Thinking French

In America, it’s considered the norm to have a fully stocked fridge at all times. How many times have you gone through the fridge and found leftovers you forgot were there or had to throw something away because you waited too long to cook it? How often do you struggle to fit more things onto your shelves?

In France, refrigerators are much smaller, and the culture around how they are used is different. The French buy fresh produce every day or every other day and cook it immediately.

Using this method will help you to include fresh vegetables in your dinner every night. It cuts down on the horrible task of cleaning out the fridge and encourages you to finish your leftovers. Et voila! A more efficient kitchen, French style.

Always Remember Safety

Keep in mind the limitations of your space when cooking! Using a hot plate or slow cooker is convenient, but if your kitchen is small or your wiring is bad, don’t leave them on when you’re out of the house! Your landlord won’t be happy if you start an electrical fire.

Similarly, if you live in an apartment with a small yard, you may have to give up grilling for the season. There’s too much of a risk that embers will drift back to the house and cause damage.

Cooking in a small space is possible, and if you do it mindfully, you will end up a better chef for the experience. Just remember safety and stay efficient – you’ll be a pro in no time.

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