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    5 Best Energy Drinks to Get You Through Your Day

    In a perfect world, you would get plenty of sleep each night and indulge in a diet rich in vitamins and nutrients. You would exercise daily, rest whenever you needed to, and never, ever get stressed out. Unfortunately, this is the real world; where you may not always eat right, you’re usually busy and never get enough sleep. What you need is energy, and the fastest way to intake enough energy to carry you through the day is with an energy drink. Included here are the five best energy drinks to get you through your day.

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    Four Tips For Pairing Alcohol With Food

    You have probably read a ton of articles on wine pairings, but wine isn’t the only alcoholic beverage you can enjoy with a nice meal. That being said, maybe you want to know some other pairings to enjoy this holiday season, or any time of the year. The most important thing to remember is that you should only drink in moderation. What Goes With Wine? When it comes to wine, the basics are easy. You pair red wine with red meats and red sauces, and you pair white wine with white meat and white sauces. While there are some other rules that may sometimes apply, these are the simple basics. You…

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    Healthy Cooking For Your Apartment

    Cooking in a small kitchen can be challenging. It always feels like you don’t have the counter space or the tools you need to get everything to work. If you’re trying to prepare multiple dishes at the same time, it’s even worse. There simply isn’t enough space to work in! Still, going out to eat all the time is not cheap or healthy. It’s clear that cooking at home is the more economical and health-conscious way to eat. With a little planning and organization, you can make anything in your kitchen and have all the space you need. Pare It Down To Essentials We live in the age of the…

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    5 Practical Reasons To Start Eating Healthier Now

    There is an intrinsic part of everyone that suggests that they should always be eating healthier than they currently are, but these internal clicks and pings don’t always necessary have any kind of logic behind them. But, as a focused individual, you can pair this desire with a set of practical reasons. So, putting five of them in list form, what are five of these practical reasons to start eating healthier now, and when can you begin taking action on them? Health Insurance Costs Have you looked into health insurance companies lately? There are all kinds of things changing about them. With the way health insurance is now required, many companies are…