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Unique Places to Enjoy Food and Drinks

The partaking of food and drink together is a huge way that we as humans connect. Just think about it. Especially with the nearing of the holidays, it is a perfect example of how so many things we do in communion with each other revolve around food!

Thanksgiving may be all about giving thanks for what we have and how we got to where we are, but it has been made into a holiday centered around food and beverages like turkey and eggnog. Not to be consumed at the same time, of course.

Theaters are a good place to enjoy food. Image Source: Pixabay

Christmas is the same, as are most of the other holidays. Halloween, Valentines Day, 4th of July, etc. What do people do? They gather together and eat and drink. It’s the way things have been for centuries. It’s not likely that it will change.

We were made that way. However, holidays in home aren’t the only time that you and your loved ones can gather together and enjoy this practice. Here are some other unique places and ways to enjoy food and drinks offered out in the world.

Go to An Art Walk

Almost every city has a place where all of the galleries are conglomerated. Keep your ears open for the time when your city is putting on a local art walk. Art walks are when galleries open up their doors for an evening of wine tasting and they usually have delicious food for you to enjoy while you take a romantic stroll and discuss art – drawings, paintings, sculptures, you name it.

Every gallery is going to offer something different delicacy wise and wine wise, and it’s all usually free. What better way to spend an evening than filling up your culture meter as well as your stomach on fine art and wine?

Spend A Night at the Theatre

If you’re always willing to try new things and you’ve got an appreciation for the theatrical arts (even if you don’t), go to the opening night of a local theatre production around you. Many theatres will host opening night galas where they offer you a selection of beverages to choose from including wine and beer, before, during, and after the show.

Once the show is over, they hold a party and meet and greet the cast and all the audience members. Often, there is amazing food present at these galas and it’s all included in the price of your ticket. If a gala isn’t offered, go to a dinner theatre! This way, you’re sure to be offered dinner AND a show all at the price of admission. It’s a great, unique way to gather your friends together and enjoy food, wine, and culture all in the same venue.

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