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Choosing a Thai School that Offers the Best Culinary Courses

Thai cuisine is well known worldwide as healthy and spicy. It’s offered in numerous restaurants in major cities around the globe and a growing number of chefs and even foodies are eager to learn the ways to cook Thai food.

But while learning Thai cooking is possible in one’s own country or online via the video tutorials, Thailand is still the best place to learn how to cook authentic Thai dishes. Depending on your destination, there are many small and major culinary schools in the country today that offer short courses. Whether you’re a visitor who simply wants to enjoy a fun cooking experience or a professional chef, you have every opportunity to fulfill your goals.

Each course normally teaches four Thai dishes. Students are taught about the most common ingredients including the vegetables, herbs and spices and the methods of cooking the local food.

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Amita Thai Cooking Class

A homey cooking school is what students can experience at Amita. Situated on Wutthakat Road in Thonburi near the canal, this school provides an opportunity for students to visit the resident herb garden. The classes here usually involve cooking four local dishes.

Blue Elephant Cooking School

This Thai school located on Sathon Tai Road is considered Thailand’s best-equipped culinary institution. Every day, two courses are being offered. The morning session involves a trip to the local market to teach students how to pick the best ingredients while the afternoon session introduces the students to the different Thai ingredients.

Helping Hands Thai Cooking School

Cooking with a cause, this is what the Helping Hands school (Cooking with Poo) in Bangkok is all about. Here, students not only learn the right way to cook delicious Thai cuisine but they also help improve the lives of kids living in the slum area of Klong Toey. Free transportation is provided as well.

Courses offered here are for half day and whole day.

Khao Cooking School

Situated on Khao San Road, this Thai school was opened by an authority in Thai food. A wide range of dishes is being taught to students. Classes are held daily but those who’d like to enroll in a private one-on-one session can also make arrangements here.

Thai Home Cooking Class

This school offers private cooking lessons and you can choose to communicate in either English or Thai. Students can pick their preferred day and time and the best part is they have the freedom to choose three dishes from the family cookbook of the school. The cookbook includes more than 100 recipes of delicious Thai dishes collected for more than three generations.