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Healthy Snacks for Kids

To lead a healthy lifestyle is the mantra of many people today. As such, we see more individuals, couples, and families engage in a regular exercise routine and a barrage of information on multimedia about healthy food, recipes, and useful tips.

Creativity helps in getting young kids to eat healthy snacks. Image Source: Pixabay

A growing number of parents with small children are also pursuing the same path. With obesity still a major issue among growing kids these days, many moms and dads are concerned about the food their children eat as well as their physical activities. They make sure to prepare meals and snacks using only healthy ingredients so their children get the proper nutrients every day.

If you’re looking for healthy snacks for your kids without having to worry about calories, you can go back to the very basics. They don’t have to be too complicated.


You may think this is an unhealthy snack but the truth is, it is rich in fiber being made with whole grains. As long as you don’t use a lot of salt and butter, popcorn is good for kids. In fact, studies have confirmed that eating grains help reduce a child’s risk of developing diabetes and heart disease.

To make your popcorns more enticing, you can sprinkle cinnamon as well as powdered cheese or garlic on top.

Peanut Butter

A sandwich with peanut butter and jelly is still strongly recommended. Kids love them and will not mind eating them often. Peanut butter may be high in fat but it is rich in protein and fiber.

Should your child develop an allergy, then stay away from it. Health experts have noted a rise in peanut butter allergies in recent years. Symptoms are rashes on the face and around the mouth and in worse cases, difficulty in breathing.


Some parents may not agree with this but fruits actually make for a great snack. They’re sweet and can be mixed with yogurt.

Dried fruits also make a good alternative. Just make sure to read the label when you buy packs of the dried fruits as some may contain sugar. If you don’t see any sugar in the label, then trust that the fruit’s nutritional value is not altered.


Kids love to drink something cold so why not make them smoothies. Fruit smoothies are very popular and naturally sweet. You can add yogurt or low-fat milk to make it more creamy and healthy.

Fruit snacks and fruit smoothies are great for kids! Image source: Pixabay

Just make sure to use fresh fruits when making this snack and avoid the ready-made powder ones at the grocery store as they are packed with sugar.

A good tip for this snack is you can actually add powder supplements to ensure your kid gets a sufficient amount of fiber and protein in his or her diet.

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