Fondant Harvest Leaves tutorial

I made the carrot and gingerbread cupcakes with the cream cheese frosting and the fondant harvest leaves. They came out awesome!

Below is the photo tutorial that I promised.

Supplies that you will need:
Corn starch for dusting if the fondant gets sticky
orange color paste
burgundy color paste
brown color paste
Gold edible dust or airbrush color
Leave cutters 2 different shapes make a very interesting design.
Large pastry bag
Large round tip or star tip
Fall sprinkles

Step One:
Color the fondant One batch orange/one batch burgundy.
Step Two:
Roll out the fondant to approximately 1/8″ inch thick.

Step Three:
Cut out all of your leave shapes in both colors.

Step Four:With an edging tool for fondant work or a tip of a blade mark lines in the leaves to resemble the veins.
Place the finished leaves in an egg crate or flower former to dry. I save all the egg crates that come with the multi pack of eggs for drying fondant flowers and leaves.

Step Five: Air brush or paint the edges of the orange leaves with brown color

Step Six:

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